Collection: EFFY Beats Children Shirt

In celebration of PRIDE month, Dreameater is collaborating with EFFY to re- release the “EFFY BEATS CHILDREN” shirt!

Effy was one of Markus’ favorite people in the world, and this was one of his favorite shirts. So, we’ve decided to bring it back in 11 different styles with proceeds benefitting Effy’s charity of choice: Equality Illinois.

Equality is Illinois’ oldest, largest and most effective advocacy organization dedicated to defending rights for LGBTQ+ for over 30 years.

This is such an important time for all of us to lend support however we can and represent for the community. 

Massive thanks to Effy for not only taking part but for being a figurehead for the LGBTQ+ community internationally. 🏳️‍🌈 LLMC 


The Backstory Behind “EFFY BEATS CHILDREN” from Effy:

”this shirt was my Andy Kaufman attempt to be a heel against Izzy when we battled and she defeated me at age 11…the DailyMailUK reported i was “selling shirts that glorified violence against children.” and at the time it was a 1 of 1…once they did go on sale Markus wore it  to a GCW show and the rest is history. He loved my wild antics. He loved that I was out of control. and the world soon got to see me on a bigger stage. Rest Easy my friend! I hope this silly way to raise some cash for Equality Illinois makes you smile in his memory!”

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